Fabulous session tonight with Richard, loading a very tricky horse… excellent result and lots learnt by our team … made a massive difference. Thank you

Victoria Humphrey

I  have known Richard for about 6 years, during that time he has brought several horses or ponies to me at the dressage clinics I conduct in Birmingham, England. Without exception all the horses Richard has given me to work with, have been in natural balance, free in their movement and mentally settled. This is the ideal that any dressage trainer needs.

I would have no second thoughts about sending a young horse, either for breaking or early training, to Richard

K.E. Sudsbury

Bierieter  (A.R.D.S)

French Diploma of Equitation

Haven’t had the chance to properly thank this fantastic man yet for all he has done for my horse and I. I was at a total loss of what to do with my boy, other than keep him as a rather a bolshy field ornament…..

Not anymore, meet Nero my hunting pony. Thanks to all of Richard’s expert advice, time and patience- not to mention many hours spent on the road to visit us- I have a one in a million horse and a friend for life!

Just have to send myself for some re-schooling now!

Thanks for everything Richard,

Love from the Thug and I


Megan Christine

Hi Rich and Carolyn Brown thank you both for the support you gave me whilst the horses were in your care. Rich you done an amazing job with both horses and I’m so glad we crossed paths. I highly recommend you to anyone who is reading this post. Both mares are like different horses and have settled in well back at home 

Angela Hopewell

Elvis has been out jumping with a friend of today,  he has been getting better and better since coming to you, given I was seriously considering finding him a new home due to his behaviour this is great happy ending


Laura Vernon

Just loaded Joe in under 3 minutes after Richard worked with him at Hartpury a few weeks ago! We can’t thank you enough! Highly recommend for naughty ponies that don’t want to load!

Jane Webb

I came across Richard through a friend last year. I had taken on an unclippable pony, which i wanted to be able to work through the winter. At 13, no one had ever been able to get near him with clippers. I was considering sedation, but realised there may be complications, and my friend suggested i give Richard a call. He was so patient and kind, and took his time gaining the ponys trust first. He relaxed him with a massage , until this pony was so laid back he was virtually horizontal! Then he clipped him!! Both myself and his previous owner were amazed. It’s so refreshing to see a young person working with ‘ traditional old horseman ‘ techniques. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone having issues with their equine, or even just to start a youngster, as his knowledge and kindness would be a brilliant first experience for any horse!

Catkin Clip

Michelle Curtis

Well where do I begin! Grace was sold to us as a mother and daughter share. She was young but we have many years experience behind us and weren’t in any rush to compete. We started slowly and she showed willing and no sign of any problems. I took her X country schooling and showjump schooling and she was fantastic, never put a foot wrong! Then one day in the school it all changed! Just as she went into canter she completely lost the plot and bolted though the fence throwing her rider off. We caught her and got back on, within seconds she bolted again through the fence.

Well this was a complete shock to all of us! I attempted to get on the next day only to be bucked off within seconds! Right back to basics! She was very nervous and jumpy by this point so we lunged her for a few weeks, had her teeth and back checked. Nothing major so I tried again! Well she was like a tiger on steroids, again I came off!

As you can see this is not a horse that should have been sold as a mother and daughter share! Everyone we talked to about her said ” she’s dangerous, get rid before your daughter gets hurt! “

But I was the only one who believed something could be done. Grace was and is a horse with a fabulous temperament and paces to die for! Someone surely could help! She needed someone who she could trust.

Days were spent going through the Internet looking for just that person! I’ve found him I said! Richard Greer, specialising in the re-training of horses with behavioural issues.
After talking to Richard and the phone he agreed to take Grace in for 4 weeks to assess her with the agreement that she might need longer. 4 weeks later as agreed Richard called us with his findings.
Basically Grace had been rushed, had a bad back through badly fitting saddles and had no trust in humans. She needed time to be a horse again, not be rushed and learn to trust! Over the next few weeks I joined Richard in Graces re-schooling and was able to get on, walk, trot and canter in open spaces without her getting upset. We also invested in a saddle from Nick Dolman which was made to measure. Defiantly worth the investment.

Grace spent eight weeks with Richard and at the end of that time we had a less nervous horse that was happy for me to get on and hack out without any problem. Richard has continued working with me and Grace. She has return to him for further training while I was on holiday.

So, from a horse that was labelled as dangerous to three months later, a happy, trusting horse that continues to improve every time I ride her. Walk, trot, canter and small fences, no problem! Hacking, well she’s better than all the others we have! We still have a long way to go, but this just proves that with time, the right saddle and the right training horses can be fixed!

Richard you are one amazing man, with endless talent! You have proved to me and all that doubted her/us that good things can come to those who wait and put the time and effort in! Amazing! I look forward to continuing our training with you.

Lucinda Sheffield

Bella had become a nightmare to ride and I’d lost my confidence on her so put her in foal and when the time came to get her back in work I didn’t want to do it, after a recommendation from my friend I sent her to Richard Greer where I have to say I was little apprehensive at sending her to some one I didn’t know and how she would cope with being back in work, but it was the best decision I’ve made and cannot recommend RIchard and Carolyn enough they were kind caring and patient and took the time to get bellas trust back so much so that I now ride and compete her again


Caroline Dean

I was impressed with Richard’s skill working horses on the long reins. In the saddle his is unfazed by the trickiest of my horses!

Ian Silitch, US Grand Prix Showjumper

Richard came up to us at NordVue equestrian Cumbria last summer, he was with us for the full weekend holding a young horse clinic on the Friday night, massage clinic on the sat and then show jumping lessons on the Sunday.
The young horse clinic was very informative in starting young horses education, we had a range of horses from 2yr olds, a just backed 3 yr old and a 3 yr old ex racer. Richard worked each horse for around 30 mins, he was very kind and understanding to the needs of each horse. He managed to back one young horse in this time!
I personally thoroughly enjoyed watching him on my 3 yr old ex racer and learned a lot of tips and hints to help settle her in her new career! I also had a show jumping lesson with my older ex racer and it was brilliant! Richard pushed me to jump bigger than I normally would of felt comfortable but he did it in such a way I never noticed! He was very knowledgeable, professional and extremely dedicated in the welfare of the horse. He’s back to Cumbria in a few weeks and I’m having another lesson with him! Shame you weren’t closer! Fantastic instructor, rider and all round lovely person!

Sarah Nelson

If you are looking for an instructor that will take apart the pieces in order to work out the root cause of your problem and then build your pony back up based on a deep understanding of horses then contact Rich Greer (http://rgequestrian.com). He is fantastic and works wonders on horses, from those with small behavioural problems to horses that have been deemed as unridable!
Hollie Wells

Richard has a great gift with young horses. They bond with him very quickly and both like and respect him.. He puts in the basic manners fuss free. They load without a problem. When Richard comes to back them and ride them away there is never any problem. They enjoy themselves. I would always use Richard for my young horses.

Simone Bentley, BD Judge

Richard is highly disciplined and totally dedicated, his skill with horses is undoutable. He has a lovely way with horses and he is gentle and caring 

Dr. SinhaRaja Tammita-Delgoda, Sri Lanka