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Richards unique skill set means he is able to deal with the most difficult of problems with horses, a combination of therapy, ground work and ridden work combined with using the best practitioners in the country results in a holistic approach to training that isn’t found anywhere else.

When a horse arrives for training they will undergo a thorough assessment, this includes looking at teeth, back, assessing saddle fit and construction as well as ground work and ridden assessment. This will take place during the first week and means that Richard can plan out the horses work and allows the owner to track the horses progress.

Owner visits and participation in the work is encouraged, Richard finds it advantageous if the horse is ridden, where appropriate, by the owner before they return home to ensure that the work is understood and they are happy and confidant moving forward with the horses education on their return. He also offers a follow up service (milage dependant), this can be coaching sessions at home to ensure training is progressing on the right track or meeting you at a show or other locations to coach you on-site. Once you take your horse home we are still available for continued support.




Get the best start for your young horse. With progressive ground work Richard will make it an easy learning experience for your horse to accept the bridle and saddle and the aids  before riding him away. Richard does not use round pens, dumb jockey or dummies of any kind.

FB_IMG_1471332604930 Only the finest saddles are used during backing to ensure there is no discomfort for the young horse.


Problem Solving;

Bucking, rearing, napping. Whatever the issue Richard will do his best to get to the bottom of it.

FB_IMG_1471332540628Then we can work on building a successful relationship between you and your horse.



This can be the most stressful of times if your horse is not keen. Let Richard load him without bribes, lunge lines, blindfolds or any other unreliable tricks or whips. Then it will be your turn.FB_IMG_1471332756646



Foals and youngstock;

All the basics from halter breaking and leading lessons to making it easy for the farriers first visit.





Creating a more responsive ride. Impulsion, rhythm, balance, straightness and colletion on the flat and over fence,