Battle Of Troy

Rich n Troy Pytchly 2014

Troy is 8yrs old of unknown parentage, he came to me as a 3 yrs old after being broken badly. I’m not sure if he came to teach me or test me ! I am sure I’ve never met a horse with a bigger personality, his ego carries us both round the teamchase. Recently the lovely Linda Chamberlain of the Naked Horse blog did an interview with me about Troy and our team chasing exploits, have a read here


Its My Heart


Heart had been written off as a 10 yrs old by Newmarket Equine Hospital after badly hurting his owner. He is a beautiful horse and I had always admired him. I put him back together and have competed him up to Foxhunter BS.


candy 90cm allens hill website

Candy was another horse who had gone wrong so badly that she seriously injured her owner. Candy had 6 owners in as many months before finding us. This is her after being with us for just 6 weeks.

Mayday Salentino


Carlos is a warmblood cross who we have been producing for the last 12 months. We collected him from a dealer in Sommerset where he was advertised as a project horse, we later learnt some of his history and found out he hasn’t had the easiest of times due to his exceptional personality! In his early training with me he had serious reactions to being girthed  and was frightened of even stepping over a pole on the ground, an extremely sharp and quirky little lad with the heart of a lion he has team chased with me last year and this year I hope he will do the same and more with my partner.